Toxic positivity and mental health

Hello everyone…

This blog is about the concept of toxic positivity and how today’s world is suffering from its unseen repercussions.

Today, we live in a world where the wars are not fought directly but at an indirect pace. We live in a world where human rights are being talked about and multiple international organisations are being set for the said purpose. In a world of too much exposure to information through internet, the level of emotional stability has been distorted. Here, we know something about everything and are in a constant race of getting filled with more and more of everything. This wide arena provided to us has not only opened the gates of information but also the gates of distorted emotional and mental health. We want to be better than the other on the virtual set up while putting a blindfold to our own individuality and uniqueness. We are in a constant race, where the competitors are in millions. With such a vast virtual playground of comparison, we also want to be addressed as a “flawless perfect being” with all positives. This added pressure of being the “perfect” person is also making us a suppressed volcano of negative emotions which we dare not let out.. because.. if we do let them out then “what will others think of us”.

In schools we are taught to be disciplined, sincere and respectful but are never told about negative emotions and their effective management. We are told to suppress them and not show them without realising the devastating effects it can have on our mental health. We are told to stay positive even amidst negative feelings and situations leading to confusion and depression. This constant fear of being seen as a person with negative feelings have made us blind to the universal fact that all these emotions come naturally to everyone of us. There is no shame in getting angry, worried, fearful, guilty, frustrated or vulnerable for that matter. If we will suppress these emotions then we will not be able to comprehend them, analyse them and find solutions to them. We will loose the ability to self reflect while constantly lying to ourselves about our perfection.

Better emotional management will start with the acceptance of the fact that we all are normal people having every “normal” emotion. The 2nd step will come in the form of ananlysing those emotions, paying attention to them and being comfortable with them. 3rd step will be to manage them through proper means such as meditation and finally not let those emotions overpower our actions.

We need to accept the fact that we are capable of making terrible mistakes with regret of sufferings caused due to those mistakes. But the important thing is that we are able to accept the fact, atleast with ourselves, that we made a mistake and are willing to make amends to our behavioural patterns, no matter how hard it may seem. No power in the world can stop a normal human being who is willing to change himself/herself for the greater good of humanity. Its high time that we understand and accept ourselves with all our flaws and care more about our character than our reputation.

-Ruchi Mahil

10 responses to “Toxic positivity and mental health”

  1. Beautiful post of truth and wisdom! I’m 51 and grew up hearing, “shake it off!” As a teacher/administrator/Mom it was my goal to allow safe spaces for others to FEEL and BE. Toxic positivity is detrimental to growth~for the one supplying it and the receiver. Take care and thank you!

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